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42 days and counting

August 27, 2015

There are just 42 days to go before my three peaks challenge (yes, I am counting!) My summer has been busy but I have managed to get round to some training too. Long walks on holiday, sessions in the gym and even some pounds lost thanks to dieting (well, at least on the non-holiday weeks).

Tonight I have a personal trainer session at my gym… words I never thought I’d utter if I’m honest and probably my worst nightmare. However I’m determined to make the training I do in the next few weeks builds up the right muscles (and my confidence). 

Remembering it’s still August and that summer holidays are supposed to be in full swing, I looked at today’s weather for the three locations. Both Snowdon and Scafell Pike have temperatures that will feel like 1°C, Scafell Pike has heavy rain and Ben Nevis has showery rain, gale force winds and a temperature that feels like -3°C. Fingers crossed the weather improves or I will be putting my waterproof gear truly to the test. 

The sudden onset of autumnal weather and the realisation that there are less that six weeks to go are most definite reminders of what is to come.

So what is driving me on?

Two things really. First the tremendous support and encouragement I am having from all my supporters – including more than 40 donations and almost £2,500 raised so far for Special Days of which I am very proud.

Second, and more importantly, are the inspirational stories about the real life struggles of those living with life threatening serious illness. At Willow we try to do our best to give an uplifting and memorable day to those who need them most. Hearing people’s Special Day experiences is humbling and reminds us of the easy life journey that most of us enjoy.

On the tough bits of training, and on the eve of my first rather daunting session with a personal trainer, this is what inspires me to keep going. 

Expect more from me very soon as the training gears up… 

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