Covid-19 Update

Following the initial outbreak of Covid-19 in the UK at the beginning of the year and subsequent national lockdown measures introduced, we sadly had to suspend our Special Days service and stop accepting new applications.

At this point, all future Special Day bookings were postponed and beneficiaries with approved applications were then put ‘on hold’ until the time when it was safe to arrange their Special Day again.

During the national lockdown, we introduced the concept of ‘Positivity Packs’ as a nice gift to send to our beneficiaries during such a challenging time.

Following recent conversations with our suppliers and health professionals, we are now delighted to announce that we are resuming our Special Days service for our current beneficiaries who have been on hold.

We're confident that we can now supply a safe, if more limited, Special Days service, including hotel and holiday home breaks, celebrations, photoshoots and Special Days at home (for those who are still shielding).

Current beneficiaries

If your application was received before 16 March 2020, you are considered part of our ‘on hold’ group we will be in touch with more information about your Special Day via email. 

If you have not received this email please get in touch through

New applicants

Unfortunately, as we already have over 500 beneficiaries waiting for a Special Day, we are unable to accept new applications at this time for this service. 

We are hoping to be in a position to reopen applications again in autumn 2021 but we will update this page with any news if we are able to bring this date forward.

Please note that we will not be storing or processing any applications received after 16 March 2020 and are not operating a waiting list.

New Applicants applying to receive Willow Special Treats package. 

We are now accepting applications for our Special Treat service for those who are receiving palliative care or with advanced degenerative conditions. 

To be eligible for support from Willow, please confirm your patient is:

  • Aged between 16 and 40 years old (inclusive)
  • Receiving palliative treatment/care for a life-threatening illness or in the advanced stages of a degenerative condition
  • A resident in the United Kingdom
  • Has not previously received support from Willow

To apply please email *Please note that the application form will need to be completed by the medical profession on behalf of his/hers patients.