Pierre, Gerry, Giedre, Bill and Dan are awesome. Why? They're taking on Hertfordshire 100 this May and fundraising for Special Days. Will you join them?

With just three weeks to go until the big day we have some top tips from Gerry, resident cycling expert at Red Letter Days:

"Since we announced we were taking part in Hertfordshire 100, the team has been training hard.

As you can imagine, cycling 100 miles is no  easy feat so it pays to be in top physical form. If you’re planning to take on such a mammoth challenge training properly is absolutely essential.

(Disclaimer: there are 25 and 60 mile routes as well but, of course, we decided to choose 100 miles...)

Gerry's top tips

  • Remember to eat a little something such as flapjack or half an energy bar every half an hour, and take a drink from your water bottle - it's important to do this during training so you're used to this before the event
  • Eating a banana or drinking a glass of milk as soon as you have finished your training ride will ensure you put back what you have taken out. Try and do this within 20 minutes to improve your recovery time
  • It could be windy and/or rainy on the day so make sure  you have practiced in bad conditions to ensure you and your kit are up to the job - yes this does mean choosing to go out in the rain! 

Don't worry, whatever stage you're at, there's still time to get yourself ready for the main event. If you're pushing yourself to the limit for Willow this May, we wish you the very best of luck. Also, if you’re planning on heading down on the day, be sure to give our riders a big cheer.

For more information on our Herts 100 fundraising efforts, check out the Red Letter Days JustGiving page. Thank you!"

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