As you may have noticed, last weekend saw the launch of the 2.6 Challenge. This is a new initiative to support the UK's charities in the absence this year of regular fundraising activities such as the London Marathon. We're pleased to say #Team Willow did not let us down! Thank you to every one of you on a magnificent achievement! If you missed out on Sunday's activities, don't worry! This was just the start of the 2.6 Challenge - find out more and sign up here.

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Young Poppy took on the challenge and completed 26 different tasks all relating to 2 or 6.  

These included 26 back flips on her trampoline, 26 sit ups, 26 burpees, 26 press ups, 26 star jumps and holding a supported handstand for 26 seconds. Poppy raised an amazing £287.00 for Willow.  

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Samantha Jones was due to run the London Marathon. She accepted the #TwoPointSixChallenge and run 4x 2.6miles a grand total of 10.4 miles, if that was not impressive enough, at the halfway point Sam completed 26-star jumps. Sam raised an amazing £557.00 for Willow.  

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Buddy and his human Charlotte Twigg also got involved in the #TwoPointSixChallenge and raised £70.00 for Willow. Buddy completed 26 balloon hits. Well done Buddy.  

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Hero Helen took on the #TwoPointSixChallenge and ran 2.6 miles around her garden and managed to raise and impressive £200.00 for Willow. “My Special Day meant so much to me, I now want to help others receive theirs”. Helen had a Special Day after being diagnosed and treated for Hodgkins lymphoma.  

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Naomi knitted 26 Mindful Mice and raised £290.00 for Willow.  

"Just before I started radiotherapy in 2017 one of my cancer nurses handed me a Willow application form and said, "fill it with whatever you want, and they'll see what they can do!" I didn't feel like I needed or deserved the opportunity but I did what she said and when the end of radiotherapy came round, I'd lost most of my hair and I was tired and knocked off track yet again knowing I had my Willow "special day" to look forward to suddenly felt right. I went to London, had afternoon tea at The Ritz and saw Cirque du Soleil in The Royal Albert Hall! Bucket List experiences that allowed me to put the cancer diagnosis to one side and look after myself, mental health and wellbeing. The Willow Foundation is a charity that really helped me, and I want other people to have that support". 

Naomi will go on and sell the Mindful Mice and a contribution of each sale will go to Willow.  

Other Home Heroes included:  

  • Laura Aulton: Laura ran 2.6 miles while her young daughter cycled 26 miles and has so far raised £160.00 of her £180.00 target.  
  • Star Events: £52.00 – As a family they completed: 2x 2.6-mile runs, a 2.6-mile bike ride, 26 laps of their garden and 26 cartwheels.  
  • Mike Ogden: £30.00  
  • Jo Arthur: £90.00 – Jo Will be running 2.6 miles 10 times within 26 days.  
  • Theo Walcott – He completed 260 push ups and shared his challenge to 2.2 million of his followers.  
  • Louise Fiddes (GB s14 para swimmer, World Champion in 100m breast stroke) – 26 Press ups, 26km on bike and 2.26k on rowing machine.  
  • Graham Twigg put on his Willow t-shirt and took to the roads on his bike. He completed 26.2km in 1 hour as part of the London Marathon’s #TwoPointSixChallenge and raised £85.00 for Willow.

  • Mrs Hutton of Notre Dame School: Ran 26 miles  
  • Mr Doodson of Chancellors School: completed 6 sets of a TABATA workout followed by a 2.6km run  
  • Bishop Stortford Fundraisers cycled 26.73 miles  
  • Julia Gallagher completed 26 volleys all at 26 feet apart  
  • Harry of Chancellors School (Year 7) completed 26 press ups in 26 seconds  
  • Archie of Chancellors School (Year 7) completed a 2.6km Bike Ride  
  • Hattie Smith – 26kbike ride  
  • Gemma Beatie – 26 squat reps with a bottle of fizz in each hand. 

There's still time to take part in the 2.6 Challenge - find out more and sign up here.


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