We just want to say thank you. Thanks to supporters like you, Willow has come through the most challenging year in its history. We had to respond quickly and adapt our service to the new normal. But we're delighted to say that after an unprecedented year...

Willow is accepting applications for Special Days and Special Treats once more!

If you know someone who is seriously ill and would benefit from a Special Day or a Special Treat, please share the good news.

We can't wait to help people make more precious memories with their loved ones. People like Nicky, who recently took her postponed Special Day at Port Lympne Animal Reserve, and summed up what Willow is all about perfectly in this short video.

"For 24 hours I left cancer land (well almost, sciatica & chemo aside)," Nicky told us. "Living with an incurable illness knowing your time on Earth is limited is not easy, but having moments like these mean everything: a moment to LIVE, even just for a day, doing something I’ve had my heart set on for so long. That for me is priceless.

"Please don’t wait for some life-altering illness/event for you to grab these moments and do what truly makes you happy. We only get one shot on this earth, make it count.

"Special thanks to Willow and all their supporters for making this dream come true, you’ve created memories that will live on forever and for that I’m truly grateful."

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