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Drum roll please…

January 24, 2015

Welcome! We’re delighted you’re here to read one of our first ever blog posts.

I have a bit of a reputation for being quite overexcited most of the time (as evidenced by glittery pom poms above) but this time I think I can be forgiven.

So, why all the excitement? Working at Willow we’re privileged to hear from amazing people, every single day. It might be someone wanting to run a marathon (or two, or four or fourteen), organise a golf tournament, set up a regular gift, Take Time for Tea, or even sell socks! 

Willow’s aim is to be able to offer a Special Day to every seriously ill young adult across the UK. And it’s people like you that make it possible.

Of course, we also hear from incredible people who have applied for their Special Day. Understanding their needs to create an unforgettable Special Day just for them is what drives our Day Makers and everyone on Team Willow.

Not a moment goes by where we’re not reminded of the impact a Special Day can have on a person’s life. As well as their families and friends, too. Whether it’s an opportunity to return some normality to their lives or the last chance to fulfil a dream, a Special Day is so much more than just one day.

Willow’s blog will be a chance for us to share your stories and inspire the nation. It’ll also be a chance to share Willow’s latest developments, like our charity shops*.

We’ll be updating our blog regularly so do pop back when you can. Also, if you have a story to share please get in touch.


*also very excited about our charity shops but it might be too much for one blog post. Find out more here.