Donate the Change

Willow has teamed up with an exciting new service called Donate the Change, which puts you in control of donating your spare change and in turn helps us to fulfil more Special Days.

Donate the Change allows you to donate your spare change (an amount of your choosing) to Willow every time you pay for something using a new contactless accessory.

For its launch we have been given 250 free accessories to give away (RRP will be £20 to £30). These include bracelets, keyrings and a loop that fits on your watch strap or fitness band which you can then link to most major UK debit or credit cards.

Donate the Change - How does it work?

  • Using the Donate the Change accessory to make a contactless payment automatically triggers a small donation to Willow without you or the shopkeeper doing anything at all.
  • Just set the rules when you register – choose to round up to the nearest pound or add a small amount to each payment. You’re in control. You can also set a monthly cap so you never donate more than you want to. And you can change the rules whenever you want.
  • All of the accessories have a mini contactless pre-pay card inside. Load it up and tap the accessory on the contactless card reader to pay, just like you do with your bank card.
  • As you pay for your lunch or coffee using the accessory, the rule is triggered and a donation is automatically made to Willow at the same time.
  • For example, if you've set your rules up to the nearest pound. Your lunch costs £4.40, so 60p is donated to Willow.
  • It’s simple, safe and secure.

We believe this service is going to help make donating to Willow even easier, so if you are interested please choose your accessory and sign-up via this link or check out the FAQs here.



" Donate the Change is an ideal platform for our supporters old and new to make a small donation whilst on the move. It’s a simple yet effective idea which will ultimately help us fulfil even more Special Days. "

Bob Wilson, Willow Co-Founder