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Happy International Women’s Day

March 8, 2024

This International Women’s Day, we are celebrating the legacy of our co-founder and Life President Megs, and the profound impact she has had on our charity, our community and countless young adults and families across the UK. Megs’ legacy is one of empowerment, resilience and compassion, and her impact will continue to inspire and guide us.

As we remember Megs, we reflect on the extraordinary path she paved for individuals everywhere, and the inclusive community she built within Willow. We are committed to upholding her vision and honouring her legacy in all that we do. 

Below are a few of the heartfelt messages we received from all those impacted by Megs in one way or another.

“Megs is one of the nicest women we have ever met. From day one, both her and Bob made us feel like family, and at each Willow event since this has continued. We will never forget her love and kindness to us” – Lorraine and Louise 

“Megs was simply the most inspirational lady I have ever met. It is an honour and a privilege to have known and worked with her. Helping launch Willow with her and Bob was one of the proudest moments of my life.” – Terry 

“My fondest memory of Megs was her spotting me at the end of The London Marathon one year. I had given my all and could hardly move but seeing Megs’ beautiful smiling face, being enveloped in the warmest of hugs and given words of encouragement gave me such a lift.” – Isabelle

If you would like to donate in memory of Megs, or share a memory on her tribute page, please click HERE.

We are also honouring the incredible women who are an integral part of #TeamWillow. Their passion and unwavering commitment have helped shape Willow into the empowering force it is today, and we are grateful for the impact they make each day.

Today and every day, we celebrate the incredible women who support us, inspire us and make the world a better place.