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Lisa’s Story

December 8, 2016

Lisa told her inspiring story about the importance of her Willow Special Day at our Carol Concert on Tuesday evening which she attended with her family. Today she is sharing her story of how much her Willow Special Day meant to her family.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on the 15th of December last year. I was just 36 years old and I’d never been fitter so it was a huge shock. I have two young boys, Jake and Luke, and so being told I had cancer 10 days before Christmas was just awful.

I prepared for Christmas and had my biopsy surgery on Christmas Eve. I got home just in time to put my boys to bed and wait for Santa to arrive. The thing I’ve hated most about having cancer is the lack of control of my life. I get told where and when to go, and who to see, it has made planning even the most simple things a challenge.

Having the special day to plan gave us all something to look forward to. I wanted to treat Jake and Luke, as both of them had been through so much seeing me so poorly. We’d never taken them to the theatre in London before, so a trip to watch The Lion King, and a meal at The Rainforest Café, was just perfect. As it got nearer our excitement started to grow. The show was magical and the children were spellbound. I’ll never forget the looks on the boys’ faces as it started. The whole day was superb and one we all remember with amazing fondness. 

My special day marked the turning point in my treatment and drew a line in taking back some control in our lives. Not only did the special day put a smile on the boys’ faces, but it helped put a spring back in my step, ready to face radiotherapy.

I’ve always loved Christmas, but last year that special Christmas sparkle got lost. I was afraid of how I would feel about it this year. So when Willow asked me to be a part of the fabulous Carol Concert, it made my day, and has once again given me something positive to look forward to.

My friends and extended family have heard us talk about Willow with passion and pride. I am grateful for all that this wonderful charity does and I’ve been fundraising as a way of giving something back. I hope to continue to be a part of the Willow Family for many years to come, and would like to wish all the staff, volunteers and supporters a very Merry Christmas.