What a winner!

" Willow has given me the best day of my life. "

Luke was 21 when he asked Willow for a Special Day after treatment for germ cell cancer. A life-long Manchester United fan, his dream was to meet the players and watch them train.

"Before I was ill I was just a ‘normal’ 21 year old, into football, drinking and having fun. I had just started an apprenticeship as an electrician. I’d had a cough, which I couldn’t shift for a fair while, followed by feeling extremely exhausted, which was new to me.

After feeling really unwell one day I went to my GP and was eventually sent to hospital. When I was diagnosed they had to start chemotherapy straightaway. They had no choice but to start chemo. I remember turning to my dad and saying ‘Dad, I don’t think I’m going to make this.’ 

I had a nurse watching me 24-hours a day. It was a very scary time.

My brother, James, and I have been Manchester United fans since we were kids. When I heard that I was getting a Special Day and that I could meet the players and watch them train, in a weird kind of way it almost made it all feel worth it – all the chemo, all the hospital visits. I was going to meet the United team! What a winner! 

All I wanted from my Special Day was a day I’d remember forever and that was certainly the case. Without a doubt it has given me the best day of my life."

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