Media Volunteer Questions & Answers


What might I be asked to do?
Each media opportunity is different and so you could be asked to share your story in a wide variety of ways. It’s always entirely up to you whether you choose to get involved. Opportunities may range from agreeing to have your story & photo appear in your local newspaper to giving an interview in a national newspaper, magazine or on TV. We will get in touch if we have an opportunity you may be able to help with but these may not be that frequent so you might not hear from us straight away.

How much time will I need to give?
It’s completely up to you. You are in control at all times. We understand that you may work and have other commitments, but whatever help you’re able to offer is really appreciated. We also understand that your circumstances may change over time and you might wish to become more or less involved – just let us know.

What information will I need to share?
In most cases you will need to share your name, town, age and story along with photos from your Special Day. You will always have the option of saying no to any request.

How can my story help?
Everyone’s story is important but we are always on the lookout for those personal details that really bring your experience to life. For example – How has your diagnosis changed your life and affected your loved ones – perhaps you were planning to start a family, go to university, or you were unable to look after your family, as before? Was your Special Day an unusual or once in a lifetime experience or helped to create lasting memories for your loved ones? Has your Special Day experience changed your outlook on life and the future, how you spend time with loved ones?

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