Join our team of Media Volunteers

"Thanks to Willow, thousands of people, just like me, can find a way back to their smile."

Jackie, 34

Would you like to help raise awareness of Willow by sharing your Special Day story in the media?

By sharing your story about the positive impact your Special Day has had on you and your loved ones, you will help us to reach others in a similar situation, so that they too can have a Special Day.

Here are just a few examples of how your story may be used: 
•    Talking to your local or national media (newspapers, radio, TV & magazines). 
•    Being filmed or photographed for a film, leaflet or website. 
•    Giving a talk to staff, volunteers or supporters.    
•    Taking part in / speaking at an event.
•    Giving a quote and a photo on a topical issue, campaign or event. 

By becoming a media volunteer you can:
•    Raise awareness of the positive impact of having a Special Day.
•    Help highlight how other seriously ill young adults could benefit from having a Special Day experience.
•    Inspire and motivate others to raise much needed funds to enable Willow to provide more Special Days.

The media want to hear real people’s stories.  It can be exciting but we appreciate sharing your story with the media may be an emotional experience and we will support you every step of the way.
•    We will give you a clear explanation of what you need to do and make sure you are comfortable. 
•    We will cover any travel or associated costs you incur when helping us. 
•    You will usually be welcome to bring a friend or relative along too. 
•    We will take your lead as to how much or how little you want to do and will tailor each request to your needs.

To register your interest in becoming a Media Volunteer, please apply via the link below. For more information about Media Volunteers, please visit our FAQ page.



" What we are facing is tough and it has made us refocus our lives on what truly matters. Spending time with those we love and making memories is our priority, which is why I was so deeply touched by the Special Day you arranged for us. "

Seema, 35