How we help

For people living with a life-threatening illness, every day should be precious. The pressures of diagnosis, treatment and recovery can have a devastating effect on work and family life.

Willow aims to redress the balance: providing unique and unforgettable moments and experiences tailored to each individual. Every effort is made to always ensure a stress-free, seamless experience, not only meeting but exceeding expectations. Willow currently has two services to support those with life threatening illnesses.

Special Days are tailor-made experiences shared with loved ones to create memories that can be treasured forever. Special Days come in three categories - days out, at home and breaks.

Special Treats are personalised gift boxes filled with luxury items with a different theme for each box, including pampering, food/drink, family fun and many other ways to give a positive boost to those that need it most.

Since we were founded in 1999, Willow has supported over 18,000 serious ill young adults.