Apply for support from Willow

Update (August 2022) - We have now have a single online application form which covers both Special Days and Treats. The choice of support is discussed with your patient once the application has been approved, so you do not need to select a service option on the form itself.


How to refer to Willow

All applications must be submitted by a medical referrer on behalf of their patient. We welcome referrals from doctors, nurses and other key workers/lead professionals who have an on-going relationship with the applicant and can access their medical records to complete the information on the application form.

Please make sure you have checked our eligibility criteria before you apply.


What happens when my referral is received by Willow?

Once the online application form has been submitted, this will then be checked by one of our Medical Advisors to check eligibility before being approved. If further information is required our Medical Advisors will contact the medical referrer directly.

If approved, one of our Special Day Coordinators will contact the applicant directly to start discussing their Special Day plans, or arrange sending their Special Treat to them.

If the application is not approved, we will contact both the applicant and referrer to notify regarding the reason. This will typically be due to not meeting the eligibility criteria or perhaps having received support from Willow previously.


Online Application Form


Willow Application Form (all support types) - This should be completed by the medical referrer on behalf of their patient.