To see my family laughing was the best possible way to celebrate getting through

Faye is 32 and lives in Ashford in Kent. She chose to go to Legoland with her family for her Special Day she and her family danced their way around the park, shared many family jokes and created memories which will last a lifetime.

" It felt like a proper holiday "


I was diagnosed with breast cancer aged 33 with two children, aged one and three at the time and our whole lives were turned upside down. My life as a fulltime mum taking my children to play groups and parks was taken over by hospital appointments and operations. We were lucky our wider family were able to help out with childcare, but I really felt I missed out on so much precious time with my children during the months I was going through cancer treatment by either being in hospital, too poorly to do things with them or just too stressed and anxious about everything going on to enjoy quality family time together."
My Special Day was an opportunity to get away from all the physical and mental turmoil we've been through over the past year and a half and to enjoy doing something as a family which we will always remember. My husband in particular has had a really tough time worrying he was going to lose me and to see him relaxing and enjoying the four of us being together was so important to me. As a parent, I think you always get the most joy from seeing your children happy, so to be able to see them laughing and having fun was the best possible way to celebrate getting through something really tough and trying to start looking ahead to the future.
We spent two days and a night at Legoland, Windsor, and although we were away from home less than forty eight hours, it felt like a proper holiday and we threw ourselves into getting on as many rides as possible, while taking in shows, meeting characters and eating good food. The two days were so busy we felt fully immersed in the experience and completely switched off from the world outside, which was really important because I had an operation coming up two days after our Special Day and my daughter has an operation in two weeks. We danced our way around the park, shared many family jokes and created memories which will last a lifetime.
I was going through chemotherapy when Covid hit in March 2020 and it was a very stressful time because even the doctors at the leading cancer hospital I was being treated at didn't know to what extent cancer services would be affected. I ended up having my chemotherapy cut short slightly and my surgery moved to a private hospital to get it done as quickly as possible, then radiotherapy and a further six months of chemotherapy followed. I was extremely fearful of how Covid could potentially affect me while my immune system was weakened by chemotherapy so we barely left the house between March and my daughter starting school in the September and that impacted the children as well as us as parents as it was such a crucial stage of their social development. Therefore Legoland was such an amazing experience for them as they missed out so much on not being able to do all the fun things we would have done as a family had I not got cancer and the pandemic not forced us to stay at home so much.
We have now been back home for four days and the children have not stopped talking about it since. They just want to relive every moment by talking about the rides and looking through pictures and videos of the weekend. The Special Day was exactly what we needed to remind ourselves of what life was like before my illness and, after having to shield as a family for almost a year during the pandemic due to me being on various chemotherapies, it was amazing to be back out in the real world doing something fun and not feeling anxious.
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