Stuart's Special Day story

A touching Special Day story was shared by Hannah the wife of Stuart, 38, who is receiving palliative care for neurodegenerative Huntington's disease.  Their magical Special Day was spent watching Liverpool vs. Atletico Madrid at the stadium of his dreams, where they were able to make lifelong memories together.


" The Special Day achieved all of Stu's dreams, we can never say thank you enough. "

- Hannah, wife of Stuart

"Stuart's diagnosis was devastating, he was once such a fit, well and hardworking gentleman.  Upon understanding he had Huntington's our lives changed drastically as we suddenly realised that time was precious and that every day we had together was a gift. Our home life changed, we had to accept professional support and move home for an adapted property with a lift, ramps and wet room to support his needs. I quit my career in social care to support him at home and the children had to learn of their dad's terminal diagnosis. All of which still impact our lives. The children have now become young carers and fulfil tasks that others their age have no understanding of, they became daddy's hero,  supporting and ensuring his safety which is a huge task for such little people.  Every element of our life has been impacted. Understanding that there was no cure for this evil condition, made our hearts break. We very much live for the good days now even though they are few and far between. 

Covid made our world scary. Stuart's mental state was affected as was the family's. We remained home with limited access to food and supplies because of shielding.  Unable to access shopping we suddenly required emergency food parcels and local support, what was already a life with struggles became unbearable.  The fear and upset it caused changed everything we knew, isolation and depression crept in with no end in sight, the days were long and fearful. The fear of losing Stuart sooner than expected caused such anxiety between everyone in the family it took a great deal of strength to allow people back into our life's. 

The hope was for Stu to be given a Special Day of his dreams, being able to spend time with us as a family in his favourite place with the people he loved most and to create a lifelong memory for us all. We definitely achieved that and more. Never in Stu's wildest dreams did he believe the day that was supplied would have been as magical as it was.  

From the moment our coordinator Claire came into contact with us her enthusiasm and empathy shown provided us with the assurance she would fulfil the wishes of Stu's Special Day.  She went above and beyond, planning in a super quick and efficient time manner in less than 24 hours.  Every little detail was perfectly crafted and provided in such an amazing way.  It couldn't have been more perfect. From the beautiful hotel to the legends meet who happened to be Stu's Dad's favourite football player and meeting Sir Kenny, watching the winning game in such a supportive environment, even the hospitality team provided blankets to ensure no one was cold. Every single element was thought out and planned in such a spectacular way.  The Special Day achieved all of Stu's dreams, we can never say thank you enough. 

Everything aligned perfectly on our Special Day and we have unforgettable memories.  Moments so absolutely amazing they will never be forgotten in our lifetime. Stuart has been absolutely high on such joy, he's radiantly happy and you can so clearly see it, he has been on cloud nine since the day he received. It is a constant talking point and brings huge smiles to all the family. The humble warm feeling it provides us in our hearts is something I believe will stay forever. making dreams come true is clearly your passion. An inspiration to all."


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