Olivia's Christmas song for Willow

Olivia’s husband, David, died last year of chondrosarcoma, aged just 26. She treasured the memory of the Willow Special Day they spent together at Twickenham meeting the England Rugby Team. “It was such a special experience seeing Dave enjoy himself so much and getting to have that experience when we sadly knew our time together was limited," says Olivia. "I knew it would be a memory I’d always take forward with me.”

Earlier this year Olivia performed a special online fundraising concert for Willow and raised over £1,000. We were so impressed that when we were planning the Willow Virtual Christmas Ball, we thought she would fit right in.

We arranged for her to record a version of Jessie J’s ‘This Christmas Day’ with music industry legend, Paul ‘Wix’ Wickens, who is Sir Paul McCartney’s musical director and been part of his touring band for over 30 years. We're sure you will agree, it's an incredible performance. We're delighted that for a small donation to Willow, you can now download Olivia's beautiful song.