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One day to go

October 7, 2015

So the Three Peaks Challenge begins tomorrow with 10 walkers travelling to North Wales and climbing Snowdon in the afternoon.

Busyness, tiredness, other priorities – there are no excuses left for lack of training and preparation – we just have to get on with it and walk up this mountain and then a couple more. If I say it like that it sounds easy! 

Three Willow staff and seven outstanding supporters will be tackling the mountains and I am already proud of every one of them for committing to the challenge and to raising funds for Special Days.

The next few days will be very challenging, but it helps to remember what else is happening at the same time.

Whilst we will be climbing Three Peaks, 15 Special Days for seriously ill young adults will be taking place – a day not only for them, but also for the family and friends they have chosen to have with them on their day. And every one of these Special Days is unique. 

Amongst the Special Days happening whilst we are away are trips to LEGOLAND, Colchester Zoo, Alton Towers, the Harry Potter Tour as well as trips to London to see the musical Billy Elliot and the Strictly Live Show. There will also be some sporting Special Days at the England vs Estonia football match and the England vs Uruguay rugby match. Quite a variety in one weekend – and just a snapshot of what Willow make possible every day of the year.

So here is my promise for the next few days – I might honestly report on how I am feeling during the challenge, but I won’t be complaining. I will be focussing on why we are climbing the mountains and the extra Special Days that every penny we raise will allow. 

Wish us well and keep coming back to the Willow blog to see how we are getting on. 

Teri will also be tweeting our progress, phone battery and signal permitting. 

Sponsor David