Our impact

Willow is the only national charity that provides uplifting, unforgettable and unique Special Day experiences for young people aged 16 to 40 who are living with a life-threatening illness.

Every year we aim to support 1,000 young adults with life-threatening illnesses, helping them share magic moments with their loved ones and create more precious memories. In total Willow has provided over 19,000 beneficiaries with some amazing experiences.

In 2022, Willow created…

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Precious memories

The memories of a Special Day or Special Treat can last a lifetime. In 2021 95% of beneficiaries completing our survey agreed that their Special Day gave them opportunity to capture and share precious memories.

Renewed energy

75% agreed that their Special Day provided a renewed energy for themselves and/or their loved ones.

More hopeful

70% of people agreed that their Special Day helped them to be more hopeful about the future and said that it was a positive contribution to their quality of life

More connected

74% of respondents agreed that their Special Day helped them to feel less isolated from loved ones and normal life.

100% recommended!

All respondents to date (up to June 2021) have given Willow a 100% Net Promoter Score. This asks ‘How likely are you to recommend Willow to a friend or colleague?’ This is a 3% increase on our average survey response in 2019.