BBC Radio 4 Appeal

"When serious illness strikes, it brings worry, stress, pain and sheer terror for what your future might hold. Not knowing if you might be taken away from your family. This is where Willow comes in… "

Warrick – husband, father and Special Day beneficiary

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If you missed Willow's recent BBC Radio 4 Appeal then don't worry as you can still click here to listen online at any time.


The iconic voice of Bob Wilson, former Arsenal goalkeeper, TV presenter and, of course, Willow’s Co-Founder, aired twice on Sunday 19th February and again on Thursday 23rd February and helped us to raise funds needed to support young adults living with serious illness. 

Bob and Megs Wilson know, through their own personal experience, why quality of time and quality of life is so important for those young adults living with the daily turmoil of a life-threatening illness. Willow needs your support to continue to create positive and lasting experiences for seriously ill young adults across the UK through our Special Days.

There is still time to help make a difference so please, please share this page with friends, family and colleagues, and donate to Special Days for those who need them most.

You can also text donate for this appeal. To donate either £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10, text RADI04 (with a zero "0" rather than the letter "o") and then the amount you want to donate to 70070. Please ask the bill payer's permission.

For example to donate £5 text: RADI04 £5 to 70070

Thank you for supporting Willow.