Medical Referrer

Information needed from medical referrers and who can provide this.

In order for us to assess applications quickly and accurately, we require that each application is supported by a medical professional.

Once we have received the completed application, one of our trained nurses will briefly contact the medical referrer to:

  • confirm the applicant's eligibility for a Special Day;
  • ensure that the choice of Special Day is suitable and not detrimental to the applicant's health or treatment in any way; and
  • provide us with any additional information that can help us to create a unique and special experience for the applicant.

To be accepted as a referrer you must be a trained medical professional (e.g. nurse, doctor, GP) who is likely to have long-term contact with the beneficiary.

Non-medical professionals who may be able to support with the Special Day (e.g. social workers) can also be included on the application as an Allied Healthcare Professional.

Please note: As of 17th April 2015 we are no longer able to accept referrals from radiographers. This is solely because we need the referrer to have a long-term medical relationship with the beneficiary both during and after treatment. As a Special Day may be planned up to six months after the application is accepted we may need to get further information from the referrer closer to the Special Day (e.g. update on mobility or any contraindications for spa treatments).

We will of course be happy for radiographers to continue to support an application as an Allied Healthcare Professional.