Angela‘s Special Day story

When Angela was diagnosed with breast cancer, all she really wanted was a family day full of fun, smiles and lots of memories. Willow arranged a trip to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor theme park.

Before my diagnosis, I took it for granted that I would be around to see and be a part of the major milestones in my husband and children’s lives. Now I’m not so sure and it has really made me cherish the time that we do have.

We laughed a lot and were able to leave some of our worries at home


As the family’s usual planner of trips, it was so lovely to have a break from it. The level of detail that went into the preparations and the information we received from Willow was amazing and very much appreciated. Our Special Day came at the end of my chemotherapy and having something that we could all look forward to and get excited about kept me going through the awful part of active treatment like hospital admissions, chemo and surgery.

It was a perfect, fun day for myself, husband and two small boys. Thomas Land was perfect for us and it’s great for me to still hear the kids chatting about the things they enjoyed the most about our trip.
We now have some fabulous memories and plenty of photos to look back on.