Bradley’s Special Day story

Bradley is 37 and lives with Huntington Disease, an incurable neurological condition. Willow supporters made it possible for Bradley complete a Tandem Skydive at Sibson Airfield in Peterborough.

It gave me huge motivation which I had previously lost…


I have not seen Brad so very happy in many many years.

Bradley’s mum Barbara

Bradley told us:

For my Special Day I hoped to do something wonderful in life that I actually would not have done had I not been diagnosed. To feel such a thrill and joy and for Mum and Dad to see such happiness in me was amazing. The video and pictures were great to show to family and friends. It gave me huge motivation which previously I had lost quite often.

My Skydive was fantastic, the best thing I have ever done, totally brilliant. I was at 14,000 feet and it was so cold up that high with sleet and snow that my goggles froze up.

All the people at Willow were wonderful, professional, sympathetic, understanding and prompt. It is lovely to feel their joy when you tell them what a wonderful Special Day has been had.

Bradley’s mum and dad added:

We do not know how to thank Willow and their supporters enough for the experience Brad had skydiving. He absolutely loved it.

It was quite emotional for me. The picture of Bradley sat on the ground still with the chute on is was taken by his dad. The picture brings tears to my eyes every time I look at it. The overwhelming joy he was feeling was incredible.  He still talks about it every day and keeps saying “yes then” (that’s his favourite saying when he is really happy with something). I have not seen Brad so very happy in many many years.

Thank you does not feel enough. It has been amazing what you have made happen.