Catherine’s Special Day story

After a tough year of battling with her cancer, all Catherine wanted was some time with her family and Willow were able to do this by arranging a short break to Thorpe Forest.

We’re a family with two small children and my husband and I both work. Due to my cancer treatments, family time and enjoyment with my kids had been lost and this encouraged my decision to reduce my working hours permanently. But we still needed to get out of London, to be away from work, household chores and to be able to have fun together as a family.

Sitting in the hot tub gazing at the trees with a glass of wine after a brilliant long run in the woods was truly magical


Knowing we were going on a Forest Holiday break was very important to me, particularly as my husband has been working very long hours and I knew we would have four days with no Wi-Fi.

Having my Special Day was incredibly relaxing and wonderful as we were able to have some proper family time after a gruelling year.

We have made some incredible memories.