Charlotte’s story

Charlotte 29, is undergoing chemotherapy to treat stage four breast cancer. She was due to go on a Special Day with her parents in April but because of the ongoing health emergency, it was sadly postponed. Because she’s in a high-risk group she’s been shielding for over two months now, so was thrilled to receive a Willow Positivity Pack.

The amazing care package I received is absolutely lovely and full of the nicest things


I finished exams in March, went straight to hospital for my chemotherapy only to come home to go straight into lockdown. I am officially housebound for the time being. My white count and neutrophils are both low so my oncologist has decided I now need to stay home for the foreseeable future.

I feel as though I make a step forward only to go one back. My hospital is in London, so in future all of my treatment is now going to be given at home, as the risk of travelling to and from and around London would be too high.

My parents have been absolutely rocks. Sadly both of them lost their mums in the last few weeks. Having two deaths so close together has hit the family hard.

My mum quit her job to care for me and my dad is a teacher. Both of them are having to work from home because if they were to bring anything back into the house I just don’t have the immune system to fight it.

The amazing care package I received is absolutely lovely and full of the nicest things. The notebook is stunning, the candle smells amazing, I can’t wait to crack into the biscuits and chocolate and the hand cream is much appreciated.

It was really lovely to receive something so nice after nearly two months stuck indoors. Chemotherapy hasn’t stopped during the lockdown, so life seems predominantly full of isolation and treatment. The care package was just brilliant.

I took some pictures I’d like to share with you. My house is full of life long Arsenal supporters, so my dad felt it was appropriate to show our support in all ways.