Daniele’s Special Day story

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Daniele realised that life was too short. Having a Special Day allowed her to put her illness to one side and just focus on having fun and spending valuable time with those closest to her.

My husband and I were just bumbling along, like most couples, spending too much time apart and not doing things that we enjoyed or made us happy. My diagnosis gave us a shock and reminded us what’s important. The realisation that life isn’t never ending made us appreciate time together.

I wanted a Special Day entirely about fun, excitement and escapism.


I just wanted to escape from the mundane, constant worries about treatment, illness and side effects. Instead I wanted a day entirely about fun, excitement and escapism. Half way through chemo, just as things started to get tougher, my Special Day was approved. It gave me something to focus on, something exciting to look forward to after my treatment. I told everyone about it, I was so excited!

My Special Day is a day we’ll never forget; we were able to relax, have fun and experience something different. It’s given us memories to add to the others and help us move on from the experience we would rather forget.

I had a fantastic time at an event I never thought I’d be able to go to. Thank you very much.