Mark’s Special Day story

Living with Leukaemia for three years has stopped Mark being able to do the things he loves. Due to hospital treatments and constant fatigue, spending quality time with those closest to him became more and more difficult. But having a Special Day gave Mark something to look forward to and the determination to ensure he was well enough to go. Being an avid Star Wars fan, it was only right that Willow organised a trip to London for Mark and his wife to go to a film and comic convention.

Before I was diagnosed with Leukaemia, we did everything your average family would do from nice holidays to lots of DIY and activities with the children. When I was diagnosed, this all ground to a halt as I just wasn’t well enough.

We chose to go to the convention for my Special Day as my wife and I have always enjoyed watching films and I especially enjoyed Star Wars having grown up with it. It was also great to have some respite from day to day life.

I was always so determined to make sure I was well enough to go


As my Special Day approached, I talked about it constantly and couldn’t wait to see the new Star Wars display at Madame Tussauds, which we visited as we were in London anyway.

Being a massive Star Wars fan and knowing I was going to be a part of the whole experience kept me going on my bad days. I was always so determined to make sure I was well enough to go. The whole weekend went without a hitch, and was a thoroughly enjoyable. A moment to remember.

Having lived with my illness for three years now, my Special Day has given me the drive to start doing more things with my wife and children again. I’ve spent a long time moping around the house and feeling as if I’ve missed out on so much.

Thank you to everyone at Willow – everything was organised to perfection.