Michelle’s Special Day story

Following her leukaemia diagnosis, Michelle missed out on some important events in her family’s life. Although she couldn’t turn back time, Michelle wanted to make up for the moments she had lost and enjoy quality time together. She chose a trip to Legoland for her and her young family which seemed the perfect way to give them back the smiles they deserved.

I was diagnosed with leukaemia in December. A Christmas trip had to be cancelled just seven days later and I was in hospital for the next seven months. Life was most difficult for my husband who became a single parent overnight. School runs, swimming lessons, full time work and of course visiting me in hospital.

When I applied for my Special Day Willow, I just wanted some valuable family time. While in hospital, I missed Christmas, New Year, my son’s, husband’s and nephew’s birthdays, Easter egg hunts, Mother’s day, Father’s day, my son’s first nativity play, parents evening and so much more.

After all this, having my Special Day to look forward to was lovely. We had an amazing two days at Legoland. My four year old cried the whole way home as he didn’t want the weekend to end – a sign of a boy who’s had lots of fun. Seeing his happy face was priceless.

The biggest impact of the trip are the memories. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.