Nicola’s Special Day story

When 30 year old Nicola from Bristol was diagnosed with uterine cancer, she wanted to spend some time away, relaxing with her husband.

We were newlyweds, just four months married when I got diagnosed and it felt like our lives were turned upside down. Suddenly all the wonderful memories of our wedding and recent honeymoon were forgotten, taken over by what was happening. Within hours I was told to pack my bags and travel to a London hospital for further testing and treatment. It was the start of an emotional rollercoaster.

When I found out I was having a Special Day, the main thing it gave me was a feeling of something amazing to look forward to, a goal if you will, something to strive towards. When you’re living with cancer, it absorbs your life completely; your life is put on hold. The Special Day gave me a reason to keep fighting, knowing that in the near future this amazing experience would be waiting for us. I went to hospital every week for treatment and it was my ‘happy thought’, to get me through it all.

I asked for a trip to The Scarlet Hotel in Cornwall. It had always been a dream of mine to stay there and I wanted to have some special time with my husband to say thanks for being my rock, to reflect on the year and celebrate life.

Wow! Wow! WOW! What can I say?
It was the most magical weekend ever.


One of the highlights from the weekend was the hot tub experience. We sat with a drink and watched the sun go down together. It was one of the most special moments and we will cherish it forever.

I came away from our special weekend strangely feeling a new level of happiness and contentment. Although my life had been turned upside down, my career put on hold, financially struggling in every way, I left without a care in the world. Realising more than ever that health really is the most important thing of all.

My husband said it was so refreshing to see me excited and happy, and most of all without worry. Time spent with my husband was truly incredible on this weekend away, but it was also so beneficial having some time alone as well. Each morning I would start with a yoga class and a light swim. The Scarlet Hotel’s surroundings were the perfect place for ‘me’ time.

It was the time we needed together to re-set ourselves and also to reflect on the past year and everything we have been through. But also a celebration of how we have come out the other side and to enjoy life to the absolute maximum.