Pilar’s Special Day story

For Pilar and her husband, having a Special Day enabled them to focus on something other than her cancer diagnosis. Willow organised a trip to Edinburgh, so they could capture the start of a special and positive journey together.

I was very lucky and moved that I was given the chance to visit Edinburgh which has always been a dream of mine. I was worried I was asking for too much. Throughout my trip, I had so many special moments that I will never forget. The first was when I got the phone call to say I was eligible for a Special Day. I felt so lucky and grateful. Everything from our flights, transport and hotel was all sorted for us. We didn’t have to worry about a thing.

When we arrived in Edinburgh, we weren’t disappointed with the welcome we recieved. Everyone was so friendly. We explored the beautiful city and had a lot of coffee breaks. Willow even organised a visit to Edinburgh castle for us which was amazing especially as it was my birthday which made it extra special. During my treatment, even when I wasn’t bedridden, I found it much harder to find the energy to do the things I usually enjoyed but on my Special Day I found the energy to be myself again and enjoy every moment. 

In many ways, spending this time away has enabled me to try and move on.


My Special Day came at the end of my treatment. By this point I was getting used to the idea that I could be well again and that not every pain I had was cancer related. Having a Special Day gave me the chance to see life outside the hospital again and spend quality time with my husband. The help and support I have received during my treatment has touched me very much. I have been overwhelmed with the kindness and generosity from Willow.

After my Special Day, the constant hospital appointments have stopped being so frequent. In many ways, spending this time away has enabled me to try and move on. Going away with my husband allowed us to have some valuable time away to reconnect, relax and feel closer after the strain of the last year. Now I feel I should try to make every day special and enjoy just being alive.

My Special Day has inspired me and I look forward to fundraising and supporting others in the near future.