Polly‘s Special Day story

Forgetting the past year and focusing on creating new memories was the most important thing for Polly when she applied for a Willow Special Day. The trip to Harry Potter Studios, organised by Willow for Polly and her family was Polly’s way of saying thank you to those closest to her for their help and support during a difficult a time.

I live by myself and I’m quite independent. Being a nurse, I am normally the one who looks after the rest of the family, despite being the youngest. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer it was a massive shock to us all. The support I’ve received has been amazing, my twin sister and her husband have had to put up with me being there a lot more than usual. Not forgetting my mum and my big sister who have also been a great support.

It gave us a break from always wondering what the next steps will be.


Having a Special Day enabled me to spend some quality time with my sisters without them having to constantly worry about me. I wanted them to forget about the last year and focus on us having a good time, creating some fond memories together. My sisters and I had an amazing day. We all had a great time in the flying car and got an amazing photo of us all to keep which will take pride of place. We have so many great memories and my mum is making a scrapbook for me to keep as a memento.

My Special Day came right in the middle of my radiotherapy. It really helped to break everything up as going through treatment can be so long and sometimes feel like it’s never ending.

It was so nice to have a day out with everyone and forget the past eight months. It gave us a break from always wondering what the next steps will be.

Thank you just doesn’t seem to cover how much we all appreciated the trip and the time and effort you put into organising it. Everything ran so smoothly I can’t see how you could have done any more to improve it.