Raminta’s Special Day Story

Raminta is 37 and lives in East Sussex. She applied for a Special Day in 2020 after treatment for breast cancer, but sadly lockdown meant her day had to be postponed. Thanks to Willow’s loyal supporters we’re delighted that we were able to rearrange her trip to Port Lympne Nature Reserve to spend precious time with her family.

My Special Day was all about building our little family as a union. We made happy lifetime memories.


Our life turned up upside down when I was diagnosed. I was poorly going through the chemotherapy and operations and I was unable to work. I’ve not just struggled mentally but my looks changed too. I gained lots of weight and lost my long hair, lashes and brows which destroyed me and took my confidence away.

I was unable to work due to the high risk of infection and risk of catching Covid. We had to stay apart from my husband due to the high risk of transmission as my husband had to go to work.

I had to go on my own to chemotherapy, to go on my own to hospital for operations and scans – all the times when you are most vulnerable. Due to restrictions we were unable to have help with childcare and it was a very hard time.

I believe my family lost lots of precious time due to my illness and have also been affected not just emotionally, mentally but financially too. My Special Day was all about building our little family as a union and spending our precious time together, to be happy and make amazing unforgettable memories.

We made happy lifetime memories and this is most important for me. I have lots of healing still to do but the future does look bright.