Samantha’s Special Day story

Samantha was just 31 when she received the devastating news that she had been diagnosed with cancer. Having a young family, Samantha and her husband focused on making life as normal as possible for their four-year-old son but the thought of cancer was never far from their minds. Having a Special Day gave Samantha and her husband the chance to enjoy each others company again.

When I found out I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my husband had found a new job and we had just moved into our dream house.

I hadn’t been feeling very well and that’s when my GP had diagnosed me with hypothyroidism and I’m also a type 1 diabetic. But it wasn’t long as after this, I found a lump on my breast. I was immediately worried.

Thankfully when we moved house, we had some money spare so I decided to make a private appointment to see a doctor the next day. This appointment cost me £800 but it turned out to be the best £800 I’ve ever spent because it was only then I found out the lump was cancer.

Before my diagnoses, I worked as a theatre nurse and looked after my four-year-old who is the love of my life. But when I received the news about my cancer, I stopped work immediately and began treatment the following week.

We were so busy being strong for each other and the family; our relationship was put to one side


On my first day of chemo I met Lisa, a staff nurse who said at the end of my treatment there would be a special treat for me and my family. Lisa is an extraordinary nurse and I can only hope that as a nurse myself, I have helped someone the same way she has helped me. Lisa filled in my Willow application and suggested a couple of different things I could do on my Special Day.

I decided to go on a spa break with my husband as I felt our relationship had suffered as a result of the cancer. We were so busy being strong for each other and the family; our relationship was put to one side.

Having my Special Day was so nice as we were able to have time away on our own without feeling too guilty that our son was staying with his granny and granddad.

My Special Day was a turning point as it gave us time to re evaluate the past couple of months and the chance to talk about normal things and not just cancer. It was so relaxing in the spa and being able to take our time and just laugh and talk over dinner was great.

Since then, we have already booked another trip so we can get away and just enjoy ourselves again. If I could describe my Special Day in three words it would be; fun, relaxing and normal.