Sarah’s Special Day story

Having being diagnosed with cancer at such a young age, 27 year old Sarah wanted something to focus on other than hospital appointments and treatment. Sarah was able to do this when Willow organised a trip to London for her and her mum.

Before my diagnosis, I was a fit, young, 27 year old who loved to exercise, go travelling and party with my friends. When I was first diagnosed with cervical cancer, I had a hysterectomy to try and clear the cancer but this wasn’t successful. So I ended up having chemotherapy and radiotherapy on top of it all.

During my chemotherapy, I was thinking about what I’d like to do on my Special Day. All I wanted was to gain some hope and see the light at the end of the tunnel. I wanted to have something to focus on and look forward to.

It was truly the silver lining to a terrible situation.


I decided to wait until my treatment had finished when I was feeling myself again, so I could make the most of it. My mum has been with me through every step of my treatment so I wanted to take her with me.

On the day, we got the train to London, stayed in a lovely hotel, had a meal and watched a show, with a driver taking us around town. My Special Day really was something to look forward to. We had such a wonderful weekend.

Thank you to Willow for giving me this experience. It’s something I will never forget. It was truly the silver lining to a terrible situation.