Zara’s Special Day story

After being diagnosed with cancer, Zara was always too tired to spend time with her friends. Willow arranged a Special Day for Zara at Center Parcs, giving her valuable time to have fun with those closest to her. She returned home with a new found inspiration to think positively about her illness.

Before my diagnosis, I was an active 24 year old. I worked at a garden center and hoped for a future in horticulture and gardening.  After my diagnosis and surgery, a lot changed. I can no longer have children, I have to live at home with my parents as I can’t support myself and I even had to quit my horticulture course as I couldn’t physically cope with it.

I spent all of 2014 feeling very ill and was either at hospital or sat on the sofa at home. My friends would come and visit me but I never felt well enough to hang out with them. Most of the time I felt nauseous and too unwell to even have visitors.

My calendar was always full of hospital appointments and treatment dates. It made a big difference having something to look forward to.


My Special Day gave me back lost time with my friends and a boost of energy that has helped me get back into a positive way of thinking.

I have just started my return to work and I’m adjusting to life in what feels like a new body.

My calendar was always so full of hospital appointments and treatment dates, so having my Special Day gave me something positive to look forward to and to talk about with people. Instead of discussing health issues over coffee I can talk about what an amazing weekend I had thanks to Willow.

Cancer is hard on the whole family. Since my Special Day we’ve decided to start our own Special Day theme. We plan to have a family day out once a month to give us all something to look forward to. Thank you Willow for inspiring us and for our Special Day.