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Taking it to the next level

January 26, 2015

Every year we see brave (and sometimes slightly mad) challengers go one step further to support Willow.

Last year Mark Foster took on no less than 12 challenges for Special Days… that’s not a typo by the way. TWELVE! 

Although I feel slightly exhausted just reading it, here are just some of Mark’s highlights: 

St Albans 5K: car got a flat tyre en route… changed it and by some miracle still managed it to the start line

London 10K: the biggest event I’ve ever taken part in, bar the London Marathon

Clacton 10K: struggled to run this with a leg injury but felt I had to do it. Made it across the finish line! 

Willow 10K: final run completed and even managed to get a selfie with Bob Wilson.  

Mark’s final run was our very own Willow 10K where he joined nearly 1,000 runners at Hatfield House. He was joined by pros, first time runners, enthusiastic walkers and some very exciteable dogs. A spectacular finish to a crazy year. 

Thank you Mark, you’re an inspiration. Whether you’re a reluctant runner trying to get to 5K or an ultra-marathon runner looking for something new, we’d love to have you on Team Willow. 

What will you do?