20 Years of Willow

As you may know this year we are celebrating Willow’s 20th Anniversary. That’s 20 years of Special Days, 20 years of precious memories and 20 years of smiles.  To recognise this incredible milestone we have a series of events and campaigns to raise awareness of our work and importantly raise funds to ensure we can continue to provide many more Special Days. Since our launch in 1999 we have been privileged to provide more than 16,000 Special Days to those who need it most and their loved ones, which means more than 64,000 people will have experienced the positive impact a day can have.

Awareness Month
Time for you. Time for them. Time to support.

Seize the day. Act now. Time waits for no man. All statements which ring true and never more so for those young adults living with serious illness. Time is truly precious. On the 25th August Willow will officially turn twenty. In order to mark this milestone we are launching our first awareness month – Time Together. 

Our Special Days exist to help provide quality of time for our beneficiaries, and their families, whilst they are living with the harsh realities of serious illness. Each Special Day is unique and arranged to create the chance for happier memories, brighter smiles and a little laughter in the most difficult of circumstances. So this September, join us and spend Time Together with us, raising the funds to ensure we can continue to provide Special Days into the future. 


If you could choose just one day what would be your greatest? Would it be the day you met your other half, the day your baby was born, the day you got that hard-earned promotion perhaps? But what if your greatest day was the first time in months you were simply able to smile? The day you were able to think about anything other than hospitals and doctors? The first time in forever you were able to just be you? 

These things may not seem so special but every Day we are able to provide is just that, special.  A gift of time to create a moment of respite and space to spend with loved ones, creating memories, returning some normality to a life effected by serious illness. At Willow we understand the value of that time and this September we are asking you to make time to support those whose time is most precious.

Share your #greatestday with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, tag a friend and make a donation to help others experience their own Special Day through Willow when they need it most.

20 for 20

“Anna’s love of life and her own ‘special days’ taught us that quality of life and quality of time is so very important.” These words from our Co-Founders and Life Presidents, Bob and Megs Wilson, still remain true today. 

To mark our 20th birthday and to pay tribute to Anna and her amazing inspiration, we are launching our 20 for 20 campaign. We need you. Could you make a one off donation of £20, volunteer 20 hours across the year or donate 20 items to one of our charity shops? However you choose to show your support, it will mean we can continue to provide laughter and smiles to those who need them most for many more years to come.

To register your interest and to receive a full list of 20 for 20 ideas, please email fundraising@willowfoundation.co.uk  Alternatively if you have your own 20 for 20 idea, why not give us a call on 01707 259 777 and speak to a member of the Willow team. We can’t wait to hear your ideas!