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Trekking Transylvania with #TeamWillow

November 9, 2023

Becoming a trustee for Willow has been a recent privilege of mine, and it’s a role I cherish. I’ve always had a desire to give back and be altruistic, fuelled by the belief that the most uplifting memories stem from life experiences. Joining Willow as a trustee aligns perfectly with this philosophy, offering support to those facing challenging health issues and creating special and memorable experiences.

The decision to embark on the trek through Transylvania, one of Willow’s new fundraising challenges, was a no-brainer for me. Not only did I eagerly throw my hat in the ring, but I also convinced my son to join me on this adventure. Why? The allure of a challenge in the mysterious Transylvania, combined with the prospect of a unique and shared experience for a good cause, captured my enthusiasm entirely.

In October, we set out with 11 strangers, and what unfolded exceeded my expectations. The trip became a profoundly positive life experience, a reference point for my personal ‘happy place.’ Transylvania’s natural beauty left me and my trek-mates in awe, presenting countless jaw-dropping moments. Navigating diverse terrains provided a genuine challenge that I relished, sparking a newfound love for trekking that ensures I’ll be doing it again.

The camaraderie among our diverse group was the secret sauce that made the experience truly special. Our WhatsApp group is a constant reminder of the lasting connections forged during those unforgettable days. And to top it all off, sharing this adventure with my son added an extra layer of joy.

Beyond the personal fulfilment, the trek served as a means to raise funds for Willow. While volunteering my time as a trustee is gratifying, actively contributing to a physical challenge that makes a tangible difference amplifies the sense of reward. Double-whammy. It’s a testament to the power of shared experiences and the impact we can create when we come together for a common purpose. And this is just the beginning— I’ll undoubtedly be putting myself forward for more challenges in the future.

Thank you Willow! – Paul Phedon, Willow trustee