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Two weeks to go

September 24, 2015

It’s amazing how quickly time passes when you are busy. Suddenly the Three Peaks challenge is just two weeks away… and of course, I’m totally prepared.

In 14 days time ten of us will be on our way to Snowdon for a gentle afternoon climb – just the first of three. After months where the challenge has seemed a long way off, it is now fast approaching.

Few jobs are as rewarding as mine. It’s simply incredible to be part of Willow and helping to create more Special Days, making lasting memories for seriously ill young adults. The variety is also one of the very best bits of my role: it’s a constant challenge and a huge privilege, too. Last week we raised a fantastic sum for Special Days at the Rugby Captains Dinner, with the six captains who have led teams to World Cup victory, today we launch a major retail initiative in Hertfordshire, and next, in case I haven’t mentioned it, is the Three Peaks challenge.

At this time of year up to 30 Special Days take place every week. It’s wonderful to think that many will be happening whilst the ten of us have three very special days on the mountains of Wales, England and Scotland. I know we won’t need any more inspiration that that to keep us going (except perhaps some extra dry socks!) 

So of course, I will be busy with final preparation over the next week… perhaps you might expect me to be in the gym, climbing small mountains and making sure my new boots are thoroughly worn-in. Or perhaps going on holiday?

My wife Helen and I have a long booked weekend away (this challenge was originally in May but that’s another story) so my best hope is for some extra miles walked on city streets and occasionally staircases rather than elevators. But being able to spend quality time together as a couple, something which can become impossible when you’re seriously ill, is just more reason to keep me going.

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