Willow blog

Why I volunteer

June 3, 2019

Claire has volunteered at Willow head office and at our events for an incredible seven years, giving more than 1,000 hours of her time. Read her blog to find out why she loves volunteering for Willow: 

“I was inspired to volunteer after watching my friend take part in Willow 10K. It was pouring with rain and whilst seeking cover in the tent, Bob Wilson and others were chatting about the charity and the passion and enthusiasm stayed with me long after the event.

I started as an office volunteer in 2012 and, as my background was in events management, I joined the events team and was immediately welcomed into the Willow family. Since then I have had the opportunity to help at over 30 events, including golf days, London Football Awards, Rugby dinners and my favourite event, the spectacular annual Willow Ball.

I’ve also taken the plunge and participated in the odd challenge event including Willow Warrior and a 50K Thames Path Walk with my friend Liz. My daughter Millie was also very keen to raise money for Willow, so gave up chocolate and sweets for a whole year when she was only 10!

I think it is an amazing charity and provides wonderful Special Days for young adults with life threatening illnesses. I am so proud to volunteer and work with such lovely people who have become my friends. Everybody in the office is so friendly and really look after and appreciate their volunteers. Every week, whatever mood I’m in when I walk in to the office, I always walk out feeling happier and grateful.

As I sit in the Willow office, I am surrounded by poignant quotes from people who have had their own Special Day and it makes me smile to realise what an amazing impact it has on them and their family.

Willow holds a very special place in my heart and always will. I have enjoyed every minute of the last seven years and look forward to volunteering for many more years to come.”