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Willow shares our unique support for those with rare diseases at the Huntington’s disease North East conference

May 12, 2023

Willow Medical Advisor Bev attended the Huntington’s disease North East Conference in Newcastle in May to raise awareness of what support we can give to young adults diagnosed with a rare disease.

“I described what we can provide for those diagnosed with rare diseases, often when they have no one else to turn to. At a packed conference attended by healthcare workers, family members, carers and those diagnosed with the disease, I explained what crucial support Willow can offer with Special Days and Treat Boxes and what a difference these experiences can make. Attendees were able to try some of the Treat Box items for themselves and experience at first hand some of the comfort they could bring.”

“The response to Willow was off the scale. There were so many who did not know that there was support for them, they thought there was none. They were so pleased to have a charity to turn to as there is so little provision available for these young adults.”