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Exercise myths

May 18, 2015

Preparing for a challenge like Willow Warrior can be, well, a challenge. Leaping over obstacles for 5K is achievable for most people but it might not come naturally for some (me!). For other mysterious, yet brilliant, people training can be quite addictive. Rest days can seem like a burden. No, really. 

I’m not sure what camp you belong to but personal trainer Suzina Blackman, has some advice for you: 

If some exercise is good, then more must be better?

No. In fact proper rest is just as important as the workout. After exercise, muscles and connective tissues need adequate rest to be able to repair themselves. Over training makes you susceptible to injury and therefore your goals harder to achieve. Allow 48 hours rest of a muscle group before training it again. Remember that you can split your routine so that you do not use the same muscles every time you train.

Getting ready for Willow Warrior

Events like Willow Warrior use a lot of different muscle groups so you can split up your training between upper body, lower body and core. It is important to do a good mix of resistance training and cardiovascular training but to also give yourself time to recover in between sessions.

For example, you might do a good running session on day one, an upper body weight training/resistance session on day two, lots of core work for your abs and back on day three and then have a rest day before rotating. Also vary the exercises that you do each time to avoid over training injuries. 

Check out more training tips to get you prepared for the main event. We’ll also have more expert advice from Suzina, including getting your kit right as well as nutrition tips. 

Written by Personal Trainer Suzina Blackman of www.homefitnessherts.co.uk

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