Special Days

If you’re living with a life-threatening illness, every day is precious.

Special Days are bespoke experiences booked throughout the UK and they come in three different varieties:

Days Out

These are fun-packed day trips designed around your interests. Examples include a trip to a theme park, tickets to a sporting event, a day at the zoo and many more besides.


This could be a short stay at a hotel or a longer break in self-catering accommodation – such as a holiday park or cottage.

At Home

We also arrange experiences at home and these might be an option for those who are less mobile or who might find it hard to leave home. It could be a party for you and your loved ones, a very special photoshoot to capture a precious, a spa day at home, or a film party!

Please note – All the above options are part of the same application form and the exact option provided will be discussed with your dedicated Special Day Coordinator once your application is approved.

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