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“Special Treats are a blessing for people who are receiving end of life care”

April 27, 2021

“Special Treats are a blessing for people who are receiving end of life care”
Jilly is a community nurse in Sheffield. One of her patients Lisa* a young woman who received our very first Special Treat Pack.
I work in a team of nurses who provide individualised nursing care to adult patients. We care for a lot of patients with very complex needs and do our best to help prevent admissions and help people return home after time in hospital. We visit patients who cannot leave home or who are in care homes and as well as support patients who are at the end of life who wish to remain at home. A lot of our support is helping people manage their symptoms and help provide relief from any pain that they may be suffering. We have been working hard right through the pandemic as our patients will always need support, help and care. We always prioritise our palliative patients.
I wanted to do something special for one of my patients, a young woman called Lisa, but when I did my research there seemed to be many groups and organisations supporting children, which is lovely of course, but not as many supporting young adults. After emailing many organisations someone suggested that I contacted Willow. When I spoke to the team at Willow they were brilliant, so supportive and thoughtful. I explained how poorly Lisa was and that she was approaching the end of her life. They helped me tailor a treat that would be just right for her. I know Lisa loves arts and crafts and animals. Willow sent me some ideas which I shared with my team and her mum and we selected items that Lisa would be able to enjoy the most.
The thought of Lisa receiving a Special Treat with a selection of lovely gifts made me feel quite emotional as I knew how much joy it would bring her and her family.
When the Special Treat arrived it really gave Lisa something to smile about. She received an adoption certificate for an animal so her aim for the summer was to be well enough to be able to get out of bed and hopefully visit the animal park. I hope she can do this as she knows she cannot get better.
This is a time when our patients need to know that people care about them. It made me feel so happy to know that there was a charity that could help Lisa and other people like her, so often young adults can get overlooked.
I will recommend Willow to all of my colleagues. I hope you continue to receive the support you deserve so that you can continue to support these young men and women and their families during tough times.
*To preserve the patient’s privacy we’ve changed the name in this article.

This spring, we need your support more than ever – as we hope to raise £40,000 to enable us to provide special treats or special moments for seriously ill young adults from across the UK.

Thanks to a very generous supporter donating £20,000 we’re already halfway there, but we need your help to match this and bring some sunshine to the people who really need it.

A one-off donation or a regular gift of just £5 per month could make a huge difference. Every pound you donate could help to spread some sunshine for seriously ill young men and women – through our Special Days and Covid adapted services.

Don’t forget you can Gift Aid your donation if you’re a UK taxpayer so we can claim an additional 25% at no extra cost to you!

The need for our service never stops, so neither can we. Thank you for your amazing support.