Rose’s Special Day story

After being diagnosed with brain cancer, Rose wanted to create lasting memories for her family, so Willow arranged for them to see the Lion King and spend an amazing Special Day in London.

Our Special Day has given us all so many good and hopefully lasting memories.


Since been diagnosed with brain cancer, I can’t work anymore. I have two small children, and we worry about being able to afford to do nice things with them.

Before my diagnosis, life was easy and fun, but now I am constantly exhausted and stressed. I hoped to take my children somewhere new and exciting for our Special Day. It meant so much being able to take them to London, see a show and go for a meal. For those two days I actually felt normal and it was stress free thanks to Willow’s amazing detailed planning.

Going to London was something I didn’t think I’d be able to do because I have extreme fatigue due to my treatment. Now I know that as long we plan well, it is possible. My kids had the best time on our Special Day, and my husband and I absolutely loved the Lion King. It has given us all so many good and hopefully lasting memories for my kids, which will stay with them when I’m no longer here.