Give a gift in your Will

Leaving a gift in your will can create precious memories, at a time when it is needed most...

A legacy or bequest is an amount of money or property left in a will. Making a will is important as it ensures your wishes are upheld after your die. It protects the people you care about most, allows you to decide who you want to benefit from your estate, and avoids unnecessary upset for your loved ones at a difficult time. Plus, legacy gifts to a charity are free from inheritance tax!

If you are making a donation as part of Willow Will week, please click here to donate.

Willow is the only national charity providing Special Days for seriously ill young adults aged 16 - 40. Our vision is to ensure young adults with serious illness and those close to them are able to take full advantage of what life has to offer. We receive no government funding and rely on voluntary donations and fundraising to support our work.

Leaving even a small percentage of your estate to Willow is an incredibly thoughtful, and positive way to help improve the quality of life of young adults living with serious illness, through the provision of Special Days. Leaving a gift in your will to Willow need not be complicated, a solicitor can help advise you, so you can decide what will work best for you. Listed below are a few of the more common ways to leave a gift in your will:

  • A percentage of the remainder or balance of your estate (after all expenses and monies to creditors, family and friends have been accounted for). This is known as a residuary gift. 
  • A specified amount - this is known as a pecuniary gift. 
  • Specific gift - a personal effect, such as a piece of jewellery. This is known as a specific gift. 

You don't have to tell us that you’ve left us a gift in your will, however, we would welcome the opportunity to thank you properly. Plus, we can keep you updated on our plans for the future and how your gift will support should you wish us to. For more information, please email

Willow would like to say a huge thank you to Alex Graham at Heckford Norton for helping to guide our Willow supporters by answering questions relating to Wills and legacy gifts.