Noreen’s Special Day story

Being diagnosed with a serious illness it doesn’t just affect the young adult, but their loved ones too.  Here Noreen and Imran share their experience of a serious illness.

My husband and I both worked and our whole focus was on our two young girls, aged three and five. We were a close knit family, visiting our extended family whenever we had the time. When I was diagnosed with uterine cancer I could not believe that it was happening to me. I had always been a healthy young lady who was full of life. But cancer turned our lives upside down.

The greatest support throughout my journey has been my husband, Imran. He has been with me every step of the way. When I received my diagnosis life stopped for both of us. I knew my Special Day would be as much for him as it was for me, a chance for us to be able to spend some quality time together, as husband and wife. Going to Bath for my Special Day was simply perfect, a dream come true. We saw so much and created life long memories.

I wanted to give Imran the opportunity to talk about what we had gone through before we put everything behind us and started to look towards the future. I brought a letter with me that I had written to Imran to explain how I was feeling about everything, to help him to understand and most importantly thank him for everything that he has done for me.

Since my treatment we have both been able to return to work part-time and although we will not be able to fulfil our dream of growing our family we are lucky and I am happy for everything that we have. While I was ill I could not stop thinking that I had so much, yet I did not appreciate it. My illness has changed all of that and I now fully appreciate everything and everyone. I enjoy every day and spend as much time with Imran and my girls as possible.

Going to Bath for my Special Day
was simply perfect, a dream come true.


For Imran, Noreen’s Special Day to Bath was a chance for them to re-connect:

Noreen’s diagnosis came as a complete shock. Life changed for both of us and became quite restrictive, we couldn’t go out as much anymore. Noreen was not able to do as much around the home so I took over that responsibility and the constant hospital appointments also took their toll. The hardest thing was not being able to spend as much quality time together with our young children.

I had hoped that Noreen’s Special Day would give us both the chance to re charge and focus on us again. We had always talked about visiting Bath, but had never got around to going.

Our time in Bath gave us both a sliver lining in what was otherwise a very cloudy time in our lives. It made us smile again and for a few days forget about our troubles.